About Us

Billy Sexton Auction Service is a real estate and personal property auction company specializing in combining marketing practices with exciting auction events. The success of Billy Sexton Auction Service in the auction industry comes from their ability to draw large crowds through outstanding marketing campaigns. This creates a competitive auction atmosphere that pits bidders against each other, in order to find the market value of property.

Conducting personal property and real estate auctions in Missouri and Arkansas for the last 20 plus years, our experience at Billy Sexton Auction Service speaks for itself.  Billy Sexton Auction Service understands that their job is not finished when the gavel falls.   Instead, the work just begins with the fall of the gavel. If the property does not successfully close, it is not a win.

We pride ourselves in winning, which means the ability to see the transaction through to a successful close, taking it upon ourselves to do all the things that it takes to successfully close a transaction.  Now, more than ever, consumers expect good value and performance from the goods and services they purchase. The assets they have acquired are important to them and they want to be sure the liquidation of those assets is managed well.

Billy Sexton Auction Service understands the responsibility we have to both Buyers and Sellers in the marketplace. Converting assets to cash is a critical process that should leave nothing to chance. We have conducted auctions and appraisals for over 20 years to the satisfaction of the courts and to the public.

Billy Sexton Auction Service has the marketing experience and expertise to meet your needs and expectations. As one of Missouri’s leading auction companies, we provide complete service for your auction from start to finish. The success and satisfaction of both seller and buyer are our primary concern.

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